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Executive Savings Account


This is a savings account specifically designed for customers who in one way or another are unable to come to the counter of our branches to withdraw money from their savings accounts. This account enables customers to withdraw their money when they need by using special forms issued by MKCB( Internal withdraw slip).

Executive Savings Account may be operated by;

  • Individuals.
  • Companies.
  • Sole Proprietorship.
  • Learning Institutions.
  • Religious Institutions.
  • Societies, Clubs and Associations.


  • Two colored passport sized photographs.
  • Signatory’s Identity Card or Passport.
  • Letter of Introduction from Local Government authorities or utility bill from TANESCO,DAWASCO or land rent receipt.


  • Reliable and fast services.
  • Unrestricted Cash and Cheque deposits.
  • It is available on both local and foreign currencies.
  • Convenient and easy access to funds for patients and retired officers.
  • You can write special MKCB forms and send your representative with it to withdraw funds from your account on your behalf.
  • Access to other bank services like money transfers,credit facilities and mobile banking services ‘Mkombozi BankPlus’ which is  a 24/7 full banking service that allows MKCB customers to perform financial transactions and access banking information using their mobile phones.

NOTE. Existing savings account can be converted to Executive Savings Account on request.

*MKCB: Mkombozi Commercial Bank Plc.