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Savings Account

Whether you are saving up for your future, or saving up for a luxury, the MKCB Savings account offers a safe home to help your savings grow. If you are 18 years or older, open a savings account and enjoy competitive interest rates designed to benefit your goals.

Savings account may be operated by;



Sole Proprietors.

Religious Institutions.

Learning Institutions.

Societies, Clubs and Associations.

What MKCB Savings Account offers you?

Maximum investment amount unlimited.

It is available on both local and foreign currencies.

Competitive interest rates to help grow your savings.

Allow immediate borrowing up to 80% of your savings.

SMS alerts to monitor the transactions done on your account.

You will be looked after, at all times with a dedicated MKCB officer.

Access to your funds 24 hours, 7 days a week via MKOMBOZI ATM

CARD which is a member of UMOJA network that has more than 26

member banks in Tanzania.

Access to other bank services like money transfers and mobile

  banking services ‘Mkombozi BankPlus’ which is a 24/7 full banking

  service that allows MKCB customers to perform financial transactions

  and access banking information using their mobile phones.

What you need to have  MKCB Savings Account?

Valid identification document of account signatory.

2 coloured Passport size photographs for the account signatory.

Physical evidence of premises e.g. Utility bills, tenancy agreement or letter of introduction from local Government authorities.