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Mwana Account


 This  is an innovative Children’s Savings Account which is operated by the child’s parent or guardian. It is specifically targeted at children from the early age of toddlers up to a maximum of 18 years.

The Mwana  account provides a child’s parent or guardian with an opportunity to start saving early for the benefit of securing the financial future of the children.


  • Identity Card or Passport for the parent/guardian.
  • Two colored passport sized photographs for the child.
  • Two colored passport sized photographs for the parent/guardian.
  • Letter of introduction from local Government authorities or utility bill from DAWASCO,TANESCO or land rent receipt.


  • Reliable and fast services.
  • No fees are charged on the account
  • Withdrawal limited to four times a year.
  • Maximum investment amount unlimited.
  • It is available on both local and foreign currencies.
  • You will be looked after at all times with a dedicated MKCB officer.

Secure your child’s  future with us.

*MKCB: Mkombozi Commercial Bank Plc.