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Mwana Account


This is a unique savings account for children under the age of 18.  Remember, your child’s future starts today. The account is opened on behalf of a child, but legally belongs to and is operated by the parent or guardian. Once your child turns 18, the account will be converted into MKCB Savings account under the child’s name.

What Mwana Account offers you?

Attractive interest rates.

Withdrawal limited to four times a year.

Maximum investment amount unlimited.

It helps teach children the importance of saving.

It is available on both local and foreign currencies.

What you need to have  Mwana Account?

Your child’s birth certificate.

2 coloured Passport size photographs for the child.

Valid identification document of account signatory.

2 coloured Passport size photographs for the parent or guardian.

Physical evidence of premises e.g. Utility bills, tenancy agreement or letter of introduction from local Government authorities.

*Terms and Conditions Apply